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Místè Limoncello

100% Natural and handcrafted limoncello
Místè Limoncello
Enjoy in your own way
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Místè limoncello - Stephan - Michel
Mystical, mysterious and quirky
“Everything comes together in Místè Limoncello”

As 2 true entrepreneurs, Stephan has his own administration office and Michel his own online marketing agency, we have a knack for not doing things by halves.

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The popularity of Místè Limoncello is growing rapidly and we are very proud of that! Would you like to taste our limoncello? Místè is available at more and more shops. Check out the current sales points and drop by for a delicious flres or order online.

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Miste verkooppunten
What makes us unique?
Beste ingrediënten
Best ingredients
100% Natural ingredients
Duurzame citroenen
Sustainable lemons
Made from the Limone di Sorrento I.G.P.
Traditionally made
Grown and made with passion
Prijswinnend Lekker
Award-winning taste
Silver medal winner IWSC
Industriële roots
Industrial roots
Produced in the iconic Van Nelle Factory
Did you know...
10 Delicious facts about Limoncello
Limoncello has its origins on the beautiful Amalfi and Sorrento coast in Italy, where it has been produced for centuries.
Sorrento lemons, known for their thick skin and intense flavour, are peeled by hand to capture their aromatic essence.
The best way to serve limoncello is ice cold, straight from the freezer, to refresh the taste buds and let the intense citrus aromas dance.
Although limoncello is delicious on its own, it is also used as an ingredient in numerous cocktails, such as the refreshing Limoncello Spritz.
Although limoncello has its origins in Italy, it has gained popularity worldwide, with lovers all over the world enjoying this refreshing liqueur.
True limoncello is made from fresh Sorrento lemons, pure alcohol, water and sugar, with no artificial additives.
Limoncello usually has an alcohol content of between 25% and 30%, making it both refreshing and tangy.
Limoncello is often served as a digestif after a meal, due to its refreshing and digestive properties.
A bottle of homemade limoncello can be kept for years, but once opened, it is best to enjoy its delicious flavour within a few months.
Making limoncello is an artisanal process that requires patience, dedication and love of the craft, making every sip a celebration of craftsmanship and conviviality.
Salute! Cheers to the delicious world of limoncello! 🍋
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