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MJH Místè Limoncello Berry Sensation raspberries watermelon

Berry Sensation


  • 40ml Místè Limoncello
  • 100ml Royal Bliss berry sensation
  • Ice cubes


  • 2 raspberries or
  • 1 slice of watermelon

Persons: 1
Preparation time: 2 min

Preparation method

Take a nice big cocktail glass. Fill the glass with a hand full of ice cubes. Add the Místè limoncello, followed by the Royal Bliss Berry Sensation. Stir it all together with a long spoon.

Tip: Add 2 raspberries for a nice touch or decorate the glass with a slice of watermelon.

Big thanks to Maria Johanna Hoeve who has recently added this cocktail as a House aperitif to there drinks menu.

MJH Místè Limoncello Berry watermelon
MJH Místè Limoncello Berry Sensation



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