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Místè Limoncello pink sweet lemon ambiance

Pink sweet lemon

The Pink Sweet Lemon is a fantastic sweet cocktail party in your glass and in your mouth.

Místè Limoncello sweet lemon sugar rim

Sweet lemon

Sweet lemon is, as the name already suggests, a delicious fresh sweet lemon flavored cocktail.

Tiramisu Místè Limoncello taart

Limoncello Tiramisu Cake

A wonderfully fresh and airy cake. Delicious as a treat, but also extremely tasty as a dessert.

Limoncello mousse dessert trio Místè Limoncello

Limoncello mousse dessert

Beautiful velvety finish a lovely evening dinner. Airy and fresh dessert of lemon mousse.

Limoncello cheesecake Místè Limoncello

Limoncello cheesecake

Cheesecake with a nice fresh twist. Wonderfull airy, fresh and creamy cheesecake for a beautiful summer day.

Scroppino Místè Limoncello


Scroppino is a wonderfully soft drink. This scroppino is consumed a lot between meals. But you can certainly also serve it as a dessert. Also very nice to serve as a welcome drink.

Yellow Cab Místè Limoncello

Yellow Cab

The Yellow cab is a delicious, fresh cocktail to enjoy on a nice summer day on your balcony or terrace.

Limoncello Fizz Mísè Limoncello

Limoncello Fizz

A fairly simple, but oh so delicious cocktail is this limoncello fizz.
And especially if you like a bubble.



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