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About us

Michel & Stephan Místè Limoncello Salute

Our journey so far

Burgundian lifestyle and good conversations

And then came… COVID
Plenty of time … a very limited Corona bubble and more loads of time.

The only good thing about such a forced reset… the creation of even closer friendships and new common hobbies.

Often those new hobbies are things that have always been pretty close to you. In our case, we have a predilection for a Burgundian lifestyle, good conversations, but also a lot of nonsense chatter.

Long story short

A good conversation and a shot drink

In short, it looks like this for us … We start with a good company, followed by a snack, a drink, a good conversation, another drink, nice music, a shot drink, another small snack, a bit of nonsense chatter, another drink or shot drink and even more nonsense chatter and a lot of laughter.

Making Limoncello

Making our favorite drink

During one of those beautiful Corona evenings, the idea arose to make our favorite drink – limoncello – ourselfs. Quite a lot of people in our immediate surrounding make limoncello themselves, so it can’t be that difficult.

To speak with Stephan’s famous words “leave that to me”, so Michel can add “Limoncello B.V.”

Mystical & mysterious

Místè is a combination of MIchel and STEphan

I forget whether it was from a good conversation or even from a nonsense chatter, but that’s how Místè Limoncello was born.

The name Místè is a combination of MIchel and STEphan, but it is above all a nice nod to Italy where Místè means mixed or mixetured. In addition, we find the name particularly referring to the taste of our limoncello… mystical, mysterious and idiosyncratic.

As far as we are concerned, everything comes together in Místè limoncello.

Místè handmatig schillen

Sorrento lemons

Only the best ingredients count

As 2 purebred entrepreneurs, Stephan has his own administration office and Michel his own online marketing agency, we have the ability to tackle a business case properly.

If we get started with our own limoncello, we will of course only do it with the best ingredients! Only the real 100% sustainably hand-grown and picked Sorrento lemons qualified for our own brew. As well as natural alcohol and sugar. This mix forms the basis of our distinctive limoncello.

Perfect flavor

The ideal combination of ingredients

What started as a great challenge to make one of the oldest Italian drinks in the world, has now turned into a runaway hobby project.

An almost compulsive hobby of many hours of manual work around and at the kitchen table. Carefully cleaning by hand and very precise peeling of the 100% sustainable lemons.

Our first trial batch was immediately appreciated by our immediate environment of limoncello enthusiasts. Now, many trials and tastings later, we believe we have found the ideal combination of ingredients. A mix of which we think we have the perfect limoncello flavor.

Místè schillen citroenen
Místè Sorrento citroenen IGP

100% Natural ingredients

Blood, sweat and blisters

Ok it cost us blood, sweat and blisters, but it also resulted in nice kitchen table conversations while peeling the 100% sustainably grown lemon and between watching football and drinking beers.

Born from a good friendship and a common love for the Burgundian lifestyle. The mix of only the best natural ingredients. The solid nature of a good conversation. The sweetness of a beautiful memorable (summer) evening with good company and lots of laughter.

Michel Aanen and Stephan Breur

… Or as a good neighbor says “A je to!”



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